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Full Title Report
Current Owner Search/Property Information Report
Commitment Typing
Tax Certification
  Full Title Report  
Full Title Report runs a complete ownership chain of title or full search of the property as defined by the title standards of each state. Full Title Report includes:
Complete legal description
All deeds in the chain of title
Conveyance Information
Any and all encumbrances of record. ( Easements/Restrictions/Rights-of-Way, list of all open Judgments and Tax Liens against the owners/property )
Tax information including assessment information, payment status, special assessments and exemptions.
Encumbrances including all open mortgages/ deeds of trust, assignments, all other instruments pertaining to mortgage/deed of trust, judgments and UCC filings
  Current Owner Search/Property Information Report  
  Dates back to the current owner(s) originally took possession of the property  
Current deed
Open Deed of Trust
Judgments and Encumbrances
Current tax status

Above report includes:

Legal Description from Purchase Money Deed (Current Owner, Vesting type, Manner of title, etc.)
Current deed status of all mortgages/deeds of trust
Open Mortgages/Deed of Trust, Last Assignment of record, Subordination, Modification and all other instruments pertaining to Mortgage/Deed of Trust.
Real Estate and Property Taxes
Open judgments and Tax liens
Current assessment of records
  Commitment Typing  

We type commitment or property reports that will be suitable for Client's software. If you require so we can directly make data entry online into your software through secured leased line.

  Tax Certification  
e-BS provides Tax Certification service either through online research or through our call center by contacting the treasurer's / collector's offices.
  We work 24 X 7 so that any time our client can call on us to receive instant information.  
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